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Saluhallen was opened on 21 April, 1909 and has always been the natural gathering place for food lovers and vendors of high-qualitative goods in the region. At the beginning it consisted of a large main hall and two smaller halls for cheese and fish. Today there is a large food hall with a section for shops and a section for restaurants. The key words are, and have always been, quality, service and knowledge. The existence of Saluhallen has at times been challenged and in the 1970s the city’s culinary centre was about to be transformed into an all-activity house. Thankfully, it was decided to let the place stay true to its original purpose: to be a place where one can purchase all kinds of food items, from pheasant meat, potato, beef, cheese and cod to truffles and caviar.

Later, it was also decided to allow restaurants, which further widened the range. The market halls of Sweden may not look like those in the rest of Europe, but here in Lund we can promise you a fantastic range of personalised service, just the way it should be. Next time you visit Saluhallen, stop for a moment. Look up at the ceiling and at the original clock that is mounted on the wall in the direction of the Mårten Square and imagine what Saluhallen has looked like over the 100 years it’s been located in this place. Many meals have been eaten and many meetings have taken place here throughout the decades and you wish that the walls could talk and share all their stories.

21 April, 1909


When Saluhallen, whose sleek interior iron structures were erected by Carl Holmberg’s mechanical workshop, was opened, it consisted of a large main hall and two smaller halls for cheese and fish. Saluhallen quickly became a meeting place for all people who appreciated good food and fine ingredients.

Room 1 © Lunds saluhall
© Lunds saluhall
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Market hall


For a long time it looked like Saluhallen wasn’t going to continue as a market hall, but in 1975, after many different ideas and discussions, Saluhallen was renovated and business could continue. Ten years later a restaurant section was introduced.

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The vision is


In 2009 the last part of the renovation of Saluhallen started and the result is what you see today with an older original shop section and a new restaurant section with a large glass wall facing the Botulf Square. Today there are 18 shops and restaurants in Saluhallen and all of them offer their own food experience, specialty and knowledge. There is something for anyone who enjoys life’s pleasures.


Sitt down

for a moment

Coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner? In Saluhallen you will find restaurants for all taste buds. Lunch is served between 11 am and 3 pm and dinner is served from around 5 pm. Right between the entrances that face the Mårten Square and Västra Mårtensgatan there is a common sitting area with tables and chairs for anyone who wants to sit down for a moment.

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