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Chocolate from


With over 30 years of experience, Ahlgrens has developed into one of the most renowned confectionery stores in Sweden, where unique co-operation with the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers is the basis for development. The high quality of the chocolate has always been, and will always be, Ahlgren’s successful trademark. Here you will also find liquorice, marzipan and luxurious gift boxes.
Phone: 046-211 25 20

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Little Italy


Alfredo is considered a Lund landmark. Here, owner Renato Dominici himself makes the pasta, which is then used to make classic Italian pasta dishes. If you prefer pizza with a thin and crispy crust, it’s always on the menu. The homemade pasta and the Italian meats and cheeses can also be packed up for you to enjoy at home. And you can always pop in for a coffee.
Phone: 046-211 89 03

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Nobody can walk past Gateau’s shop without looking. With beautiful cakes, pastries, biscuits and loaves of bread, it is difficult to resist temptation. The bread is made from sourdough and baked in a stone oven, following traditional French recipes with a prolonged baking procedure. Of course the pastry is made using real butter. Cakes are made in the same way as in French patisseries and are based on the philosophy that all the flavours should be included in every bite. Something that is also reflected in the tarts made of several layers with different flavours.
Phone: 040-666 99 07

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Season's Combo

Gröna Deli

The perfect deli store if you are on the go. Here you will find filling salads, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and wraps to buy for lunch or for a picnic in the park. You pick the ingredients for your salad yourself. Don’t miss the delicious Danish sandwiches (smørrebrød) or the Swedish “sandwich cake” (smörgåstårta). There is also selected coffee for take away. GRÖNA DELI’s entire menu is available for catering.
Phone: 046-888 80 93

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Meat Shop


A classic and well-stocked meat shop with personal and professional service, just as you would expect in a market hall. With a long history in Saluhallen, Holmgrens is a must for almost anyone who lives in Lund. Here you will find everything from game, meat products, poultry and the finest steaks to a cutlet with a nice rim of fat. Last but not least, this is the original home of the “Knake”, a special kind of Lund sausage that you simply must try.
Phone: 046-211 15 44

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Malmstens fisk & kök

A fish shop and restaurant with personal service and knowledgeable staff – just as it should be in a market hall. In the shop you will find seasonal delicacies from sea and lake, fresh fish, seafood, the best soup and ready – made dishes to take home. In the restaurant, Lund’s probably most affordable and savoury lunch is served. And keep an eye out for Malmsten’s famous oyster feast.
Phone: 046-12 63 54

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Gamla franska

At Gamla Franska the food is prepared according to the French classic cooking methods, with a personal touch. Everything is done from scratch with passion and respect for the raw goods. Gamla Franska leaves nothing to chance, but always serves a plate of pure delight. If you want to have some good wine or try after-dinner drinks, the restaurant offers a great range for anyone who enjoys life’s pleasures. Gamla Franska happily offers their favourite drinks either inside Saluhallen or at the outdoor seating area.
Phone: 046-12 52 58

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It does not matter if you are looking for a cheese for the breakfast tray or the best cheeses for the cheese tray. Here you will find everything you can think of from both Swedish and European cheese – makers, carefully selected by Lena himself to ensure that the cheeses are of the highest quality. Here you can also buy the most important cheese complements and tasty delicacies such as bread, meat products, chocolate, biscuits, olive oils and marmalade.
Phone: 046-13 63 27

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Food Craftsmanship


At Petersborg’s farm in the area of Österlen, Monika and Hans grow mustard seeds that they use to produce traditional Scanian mustard. The mustard is very popular and has received several awards, among others the Swedish Mustard Champion Award. In addition to Petersborg’s mustard assortment, Monika has filled the shop with Swedish food craftsmanship with a focus on the area of Scania. Depending on the season you will also find berries, fruit, vegetables and root vegetables in the shop. 
Phone: 0706-58 98 68

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Surf shack

In spring of 2016, Surf Shack opened in Saluhallen. The restaurant is located at the entrance of the Botulf Square and offers a lovely outdoor dining area. Here you will find proper burgers made from scratch using locally sourced produce. This makes it one of Sweden’s most popular hamburger restaurants.
Phone: 0761-76 40 18

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To Go

Thai Way

Swedes in general have truly embraced the Thai cuisine and made it a part of their home cooking. This becomes evident when you see the long lunch queue for Thai Way – an appreciated lunch option both for people living in Lund and for visitors. Here, Thai dishes with exotic flavours are served.
Phone: 046-32 33 34

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A Green Boost


Here you can enjoy delicious hot and cold vegetarian and vegan dishes: stews, salads and sandwiches, goodies and delicacies. The menu is crossover with flavours that provide both warmth and joy. Vegeriet has a bar where you can sit down for a meal. You may also choose take-away if you are in a hurry to get home. And why not order catering at home or for work?
Phone: 0707-60 16 19

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Viet Cuisine

At last, authentic Vietnamese food is offered in Lund. After our embracing of the Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines, it is now high time to enjoy dishes such as Pho and Gói Cuôn. The Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and often consists of a base of noodles or rice and flavours like soy, ginger, lemon grass, chili, fresh herbs and lime leaves. All these flavours can be found at Viet Cuisine.
Phone: 073-899 98 85

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A step up to


Phone: 046-211 00 78

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